Due in 24 hours, 1pm est. decision making/business management


read FOUR of your classmates posts and give them constructive feedback as to whether they have clearly defined the decision statement as delineated in the class materials. Be sure that the feedback is constructive and that you are actually brainstorming with them to come up with valid arguments on why the final decision statement (the one that was provided to you) is the best one for PPO. Your job is to argue the logic presented in the content and support (facts from case study or citations from the course material) provided in the posts.

The original questions is attached, the case study is attached and another document is attached for further understanding.

THIRD PERSON, which means do not use “I, me, my” in your responses. Use headers to organize your response. At minimum for each response, Must use atleast 1 references with website included, with in text citation from the course material provided below APA FORMAT FROM THE COURSE MATERIAL


Course Material






******My homework is to provide a response to this student answer to this question, Response must have atleast 1 in text citations AND references from the course material below ******

Gregory Steidle   Student Answer/Post: Framing the Decision

PURPOSE – the reason that something was accomplish.   

SCOPE – it is what needs to be include and exclude to finish the project.

PERSPECTIVE – It is your attitude about something and how you would handle that problem.


PURPOSE – To get companies to not use palm oil because using it is having impacted on the planet.

SCOPE – Burning of the forests which is causing pollution. Over the next 30-50 years the Orangutan would be extinct in the wild.  56 million tons of Palm Oil is need to meet the consumer demand.

PERSPECTIVE – The thing that would need to be done is come up with some other way to make the product without using Palm Oil.  There are still going to be people or companies that would still use Palm Oil for their product, but if there was a safer way to make the product without the major problems that would also be a good start. 

******My homework is to provide a response to this student answer to this question, Response must have atleast 1 in text citations AND references from the course material below ******

Delia Lazar Student Answer/Post:

The first step in framing a decision is first looking at what the problem is and what the solution will be overall deciding. Doing this brings back the question: In responding to CAPO’s attacks, how will PPO keep their customers and continue to make money? Looking at the problem, one must think of what needs to be considered before making a choice. In this case, the environment (deforestation) is one of the biggest priorities that must be considered, as well as still being able to make money; the environment being the biggest subject of value (What Are Your Values?, n.d.). Other factors to consider are who is going to be involved in making the decision. For the future of PPO, the owner Abdul Tengku, the production manager, managers in charge of the consumer companies (to ensure consequences toward external companies are considered), and leaders of CAPO should be included because whatever decision is made will affect them (Leonard, 2019).

What To Consider

When zooming in on the issue that’s being approached, an important factor that must be considered is the time sensitivity. PPO’s plantations have time limits on how long they can be utilized and because of those limitations, a decision must be made in a timely manner before one plantation reaches full maturity and leads to a period of no production because of the age of the other plantations.  

Another aspect to consider is money. PPO is in a position where spending money to reach the overall goal is inevitable, but from there, a decision on where the money will be spent and how much arises. Because the environmental impact is the biggest factor being regarded, the money will likely be put towards the option that ensures that rainforests and the orangutan population is protected.  

The biggest priority is not to just avoid a bad outcome, but also consider what type of company PPO wants to be. Overall, focusing on avoiding more problems with the environment should be the biggest focus of the decision. PPO leadership needs to show that it is a company that cares about ethical problems and display that the company has a set of values outside of just wanting to make money.

******My homework is to provide a response to this student answer to this question, Response must have atleast 1 in text citations AND references from the course material below ******

Kevin Malloy   Student Answer/Post: The decision statement of “How can PPO appease CAPO, keep customers, and continue to make money simultaneously?” is the key factor in this current business dilemma. This decision statement is part of a bigger decision which is “What is the best decision for the PPO business model moving forward?”. It is best to narrow the focus slightly on the decision statement in order to achieve the best results. (Decision Quality Model, 2009) The revised decision statement should be “How can PPO appease CAPO and continue to make money simultaneously?”. The customers are loyal, so as long as the company provides their product without controversy or raising the price, the customer will likely stay. It will be negative press and failure to maximize profits that will lead to the company’s failure, not the lost of customers. The decision is difficult because they are many variables that are currently unknown and reliant on human behavior. The key thing is to identify opportunities to cut expenses and appeal to the CAPO. The one thing that is assumed is that the consumer base will remain strong due to the variety of products that PPO provides. The choice for this decision rests with Tengku and the production manager. Before action is taken, one must closely evaluate expenditures versus profit and gauge public opinion in regards to the CAPO effort. This is what will drive future decisions. (Decision Quality Model, 2009)

Moving forward, we need to create objectives and alternatives. The company wants to settle their differences with the CAPO and establish a long term plan for profit growth. The company is might be willing to discuss grievances with the CAPO in a legal setting as well as in a meeting. The company is willing to create a social media campaign to counteract the negative CAPO protests as well as negotiate and compromise with the CAPO. The plantations being unable to be used is a contributing factor to future profit loss. The protests and the plantations have the biggest impact on profit. Perhaps turning over an unprofitable plantation to address previous environmental issues can solve the negative press as well as cut expenditures in the future. (Jayne Thompson, 2019)

******My homework is to provide a response to this student answer to this question, Response must have atleast 1 in text citations AND references from the course material below ******

Steve Kramer   Student Answer/Post: PURPOSE is what you hope to accomplish by making the decision.

Maintain company viability by modernization farming techniques and championing biodiversity. This will stabilize profits and increase customers confidence.

SCOPE is what to include and exclude.

1. This includes environmental concerns.

2. Changes in farming techniques.

3. Public Realtions.

4. Profitability.

5. Exclude consideration of expanding acreage or increasing the size of the company.

PERSPECTIVE is your point of view about the decision, the ways you want to approach, or others may approach making the decision.

Difficult decisions have to be made in order to keep the company viable in todays’ market.  Todays’ consumers are much more aware of the environmental concern such as deforestation, biodiversity and pollution. By addressing these concerns, we hope to bring the company into the 21st century and perhaps expand our customers globally.  

In this weeks readings, a stakeholder is any person that has interest or concern in an organization. Stakeholders can be internal like having vested interested or can be external meaning not vested but has an interest on how the business will affect the community. The stakeholders play a key role in the decision making process by bringing ideas form all angles and coming up with potential solutions (Leonard, 2019).

Finally , there are stakeholders in the PPO company that are both internal and external. The internal stakeholders, the company employees and stockholders, could possibly see profits decrease at first when these changes are first implemented.  However, by rebranding the company as being eco-friendly and by making improvement by modernizing farming techniques, profits should rise appreciably in the long-term. The external stakeholders, people who live in the area of the PPO and environmental groups, should hopefully be satisfied that the company is making improvements that will affect the local surrounding environment in a positive way. This could include, reforestation and/or repopulation of endogenous plants and animals

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